Is your RIA firm prepared for a compliance exam by the SEC or States?

hand-writing-compliancyAre you maintaining your books and records as required? Are you able to retrieve and deliver emails and other documents that will be requested by the examiners? Will the design and effectiveness of your policies and procedures, and the methods you have in place for evaluating and testing those policies pass regulatory scrutiny? Are your policies and procedures around anti-money laundering, privacy, insider trading, and business contingency planning fully integrated into your team’s daily activities? Does your compliance program convey the “tone from the top” that the SEC thinks essential to a successful program?

A mock regulatory examination is one way that firms validate the preparedness of their programs and personnel to regulatory scrutiny. AdvisorAssist can conduct mock examinations designed to test and evaluate all facets of your compliance program.

We use the same procedures, examination tools and techniques used by the regulators in conducting examinations of RIA firms and leave you with an overall evaluation and specific list of areas that could use updating or improvement at the end of the review.