About AdvisorCloud360® and AdvisorCloud™

Trusted Compliance Solution Since 2006

AdvisorCloud™ has been the trusted compliance management solution for registered investment advisors (“RIAs”) since 2006. In 2019, AdvisorAssist released its newest iteration of AdvisiorCloud™ with the launch of AdvisorCloud360®.

Over 5,000 AdvisorCloud Users

AdvisorCloud™ and AdvisorCloud360® have over 5,000 users including Chief Compliance Officer, Supervised Persons and Access Persons within our 600+ registered investment advisor clients.

Why use AdvisorCloud 360®?

Compliance Activities and Calendar

Compliance activity management tool for all regulatory deadlines, compliance tasks & reminders to help guide a CCO through the Year in Compliance. This is summarized into an easy to use calendar to keep a CCO on top of their compliance responsibilities.

Risk Assessments and Forensic Testing

A robust topic-based Compliance task, Risk Assessment, and Forensic Testing program (“CRAFT”). The CRAFT program gives a CCO the ability to create and manage the internal review, analysis, forensic testing, reporting and remediation action items required under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and comparable State Regulations.

Conflict Disclosure Forms & Logs

Online workflows to collect and supervise checks received, gifts & entertainment, trade errors, compliance violations, etc. Other forms include conflict disclosures to allow you to analyze the results to ensure proper compliance and supervision.

Employee Supervision & Analytics

Proactively manage the supervision needs of all employees of the RIA, including historical individual records of each employee related to this contact information, registration filings, and personal disclosure records Automated, online workflows to collect annual/quarterly employee certifications (ie. code of ethics,  personal securities holdings, outside business disclosures, etc).

Compliance Documents & Filings

CCOs have real-time transparency into all attributes and data points related to your ADV filings, notice filings, registrations, and compliance program documents to allow AdvisorAssist to track and share data in regards to your firm. This allows for a collaborative workflow to ensure your filings and documents are kept up to date and accurate. 

SEC/State Audit Tool

Through the completion of multiple action-based tools and calendar reminders, AdvisorCloud360® is designed to help a CCO meet the requirements of SEC/state examinations well before a regulator walks in your door.

Annual CCO Report Module

Compliance tasks, reviews, and logs can be easily exported into an annual CCO report module to create an efficient method of creating and documenting your annual review. 

Advertising Review Manager

Advertising review manager, coupled with AdvisorAssist’s disclosure database, enables a CCO to establish a methodical and efficient review process and ensure sufficient record retention of historical records, all within AdvisorCloud 360®

Regulatory Filings Manager

AdvisorCloud360® in connection with AdvisorAssist is your one stop for ensuring timely and accurate regulatory filings, including Form ADV, Form CRS, Section 13F, Section 13D-G, Section 13H and other firm filings.

Vendor Management and Due Diligence

AdvisorCloud360® assists with the tracking and management of your firm’s partners and vendors. CCO’s can also leverage the power of the AdvisorAssist network to obtain due diligence materials, insights and other vendor-related information.

Registrations Manager

AdvisorCloud360® provides interactive management of your firm’s client geography and associated notice filings and registrations.

Branch Office Supervision

AdvisorCloud360® empowers multi-office firms and those with remote workers to effective manage and supervise activities across locations.

Compliance Knowkledgebase

AdvisorCloud360® is a robust training tool and knowledge base for  Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) and their Supervised Persons. No need to memorize every reference to State and Federal regulations. AdvisorAssist provides countless educational resources to assist in navigating the regulations and enhancing knowledge.

Support Management

Real-time transparency into all support requests and the update of work in progress. CCOs can submit requests directly through the AdvisorCloud360® or via email. AdvisorCloud360® provides robust reporting and audit trails to track compliance efforts throughout the year.

AdvisorCloud™ is a trademark and business name for AdvisorAssist’s compliance technology (Since 2006).
AdvisorCloud360® and AdvisorAssist® are registered trademarks of AdvisorAssist. All rights reserved.