AdvisorAssist focuses heavily on the safety and security of your information.

At times, we must obtain private or sensitive information from our advisors. When we request this information, we will NEVER ask you to divulge such information in an insecure manner. Emails from AdvisorAssist will never:

  • ask you to email us your social security number.
  • ask you to email any account numbers for your or your team.
  • ask you to email any private client information (such as client account numbers).

When AdvisorAssist requests private or sensitive information, we will ALWAYS request that you provide via one of the following methods:

  • upload to your Advisor Portal (AdvisorCloud), which is SSL encrypted.
  • provide you with a secure web form that has SSL encryption.
  • email us with your encrypted email service.
  • call us directly.

For additional information, please visit our Privacy Policy.